I’d like to spend a blog post shouting out syndromes that used to afflict me in my early twenties. Syndromes that probably cripple many twenty-somethings out there, as they once did me. Let’s raise some awareness for TLL and PADS.
TLL….Too Lazy to Leave. When you’re somewhere (namely work) and you want to go home but the dread of the commute feels all-encompassing. Packing up one’s stuff seems like climbing a tall, tall mountain. So you stay put. Sounds ridiculous but it TOTALLY HAPPENS. ALL THE TIME. Until you get yo’ ass outta that chair and hit the road, jack.

PADS….Post-Alcohol Depression Syndrome. First introduced to me on Gay Pride, this is the terrifying post-bender funk that one finds themselves in. Sometimes it even strikes before the bender has ended…creeping in slowly until you can’t even enjoy yourself anymore. It’s sort of like being on a perpetual last day of vacation before heading back to work. Like, one in four Americans is afflicted by PADS every Sunday. Crazy stats.

Now, both of these seem so five minutes ago to me….I’m actually not drinking right now because PADS SUCKS. I learned that one too many times. But for all you fresh-faced recent college grads out there….go ahead. You’ll be crippled by TLL and PADS soon enough, I guarantee it.