In this crazy world, there’s a lot to worry about. Personal stuff like work, family, job, finances….but also global issues. Poverty! Global Warming! The Obesity Crisis! It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

But y’know what’s enough to make my head only slightly spin? Worrying about minutiae. A hangnail here. A broken zipper there. THOSE things are within reach, and easy to grasp, mentally speaking.

Like price tags that leave residue on their host product. WHY? Why make stickers whose adhesive isn’t easily removable? Manufacturers — you’ve spawned an entire fringe industry for Goo Gone just based on this illogical matter. And you know what? Part of me secretly loves this whole scenario, since here’s an issue I CAN resolve!

So I say to that brilliant doctor who wrote the ever-popular books “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff….and It’s All Small Stuff” — LET ME sweat the small stuff. It’s really all I can handle. And as this brilliant Buzzfeed post proves, there’s SO MUCH glorious universal small stuff to sweat. Big stuff is really so five minutes ago.