I’m sorry, but I have a bone to pick. And it might even be with myself. As a “creative type” (in a creative profession) I’m constantly coming up with more ways to let consumers engage. ENGAGE. That ever-present marketing buzzword. More things for them to do. Always.

Oh, the bored consumer…….ever longing for things to do in This. Bored. Life.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m engaged already. Engaged enough. Over-engaged. Between tweeting, watching, texting, Whats App-ing, Skyping, blah-ing, blah-ing, yada yada yada-ing….I can hardly keep the hell up.  The Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, which only reminds me how many more movies I still need to see before Oscar-time. Each issue of Entertainment Weekly reminds me of all this new content hurdling my way. Each glance at the RSS feed reminds me of new blog posts waiting to be read. Can’t a gal just live??!

I mean, mostly I kid. I’m addicted to content consumption. And frankly, who isn’t?! No, I don’t think the earth will stop rotating if I don’t watch each Oscar selection before Feb 26th. But then how am I supposed to have a fighting chance in my Oscar pool?? These are life and death things, people.

Keeping up is just too damn hard. Maybe keeping up is so five minutes ago. Falling behind is the new black. Or maybe, I should just vow to keep up with (and ONLY with) the Kardashians. That seems manageable, no?