Ok, holiday music used to be the JAM. I’d (secretly) start playing it in September — the warm, fluffy sounds of sleigh bells and twinkling ivories would coat my atmosphere with a warm familiarity more embracing than the most tender hug — a warm cocoon of familiarity that reassured me all was right in the world, and hey — Christmas was just around the corner! Springsteen says “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town!” Magic. Pure magic.

So why, this year, when I turn on Christmas music, do I want to shut it off almost immediately? A bizarre knee-jerk kind of reaction. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m enduring the aural equivalent of last year’s b-side Justin Bieber song. It sounds cheesy and overdone. This year, Christmas music has been like listening to old songs from mid-level blah bands. Where did the magic go for me? What on the earth happened? Has Christmas become so overproduced that it, too, is so five minutes ago? Or am I just becoming Bil Murray from Scrooged?

Or maybe, I need to NOT be listening to “Now That’s What I Call Christmas” which features Michael Bolton’s “Our Love is Like a Holiday.” Yes, that’s it. It’s my own fault for poor selection, really.