So as of late, I have some sort of issue going on in my arch area — the arch of my foot. God knows what caused it (slash I know exactly what caused it — me using crappy running shoes) but it’s a huge pain in my *ss and a cramp in my style.

Aside from all that, here’s why these “invisible injuries” really blow chunks. No one can SEE that you are in pain. My foot looks normal but hurts to walk. Same sh*t when you have a sore throat — by all appearances you’re coolio, but inside your throat is tearing to shreds.

Sickness is good for one and only ONE reason. SYMPATHY. PITY. LOTS OF IT.

And that is why, when you can’t SEE my injury, what a goddamn useless injury. I’d much rather be covered in spots. Then everyone would at least have a clear indication something was up. Right? Hiding your issues is so five minutes ago. Wear ’em on your sleeve. It’s the rage.