I am sorry, but we need to talk about something long overdue. Funny videos, trendy neighborhoods, catchy sayings, and anything remotely pop culture that goes viral usually starts with the Gays.

Let’s be honest people. Who did you hear about Honey Badger, Sassy Gay Friend, or Maurica from? …Gays. Haven’t you ever wondered who those first 1,000 YouTube video viewers were? …Gays. They are a population of individuals in our society who move into “up and coming areas,” start the gentrification process, make the area trendy, and live in it for about 2-3 years before everyone else picks up on the new hot spot to live. Aka they live there and then move on before the rent is too damn high party needs to intervene.

Although, how would anything be popular without everyone else picking up on it? My main point is that Gays are simply the catalyst to anything viral or popular in society today. Agree, disagree, even write an opinion below, but it’s the truth people. Gays are the reason you smile each and everyday, laugh in your cubicle uncontrollably, and realize that there is more to life than meetings and coffee. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is just as cool, but they are just so five minutes ago compared to the Gays.
Knoebleman is a gay man himself. This post may slightly be biased.