I mean, as long as you’re transparent about it.

It’s kind of sad, really. At least PRETEND you’re there for the larger purpose of the show (yes, since reality shows carry grand larger purposes and civic duties).

On this week’s Bachelor Pad (please, don’t judge me — I do the judging here) Justin Rego— some gross wrestler dude from a previous season of the Bachelorette — stated to the camera that he was here to “play the villain.” Then he practically chest bumps poor pathetic host Chris Harrison, stammering out the boast, “I had two girlfriends back home while on the Bachelor. So WHAT.” Dude, you just tried to get in CHRIS HARRISON‘S face. That’s like attacking a lifeless plastic Ken doll with a hammer. Who’s pathetic now.

Point is, Justin, couldn’t you at least try to fake it? Fake it for America? But that fact that he doesn’t even TRY is really where it’s at. That’s so right now. Faking your faking is so five minutes ago. Being transparent about fakeness — totally kosher.

So would you sell out for reality TV?