Ok let’s be honest. NOT having an iPhone is so five minutes ago. I do understand the advantages of other devices, yes. But really, let’s get down to basics. Everyone needs an iPhone. Honestly. (says the girl whose universe is, has been, and always will be ruled by Apple)

I’m not just talking about typical reasons to have an iPhone — apps, music, clean interface, sync-ability, and amazing cell-phone service (I kid, I kid — everyone knows AT&T has its roadblocks, though now of course Verizon is an option). This phone is hella strong.

Case in point: Several weeks ago I was riding my bike and my iPhone (which I use for portable music when I am out biking or running, because lord knows I need to be able to text, check email, and make calls while I exercise) fell out of my pocket onto the street. By the time I turned around and realized this dire loss, a car was headed straight for my poor, vulnerable phone, lying stranded in the middle of the road. I swear I saw the tire run RIGHT over my iPhone, and the resilient little device came out perfectly unscathed. Without a trace of damage. How in the hell is this possible?

Ok, maybe the tire cleared the car and just looked like it rolled over my phone. Regardless, I’d like to think the iPhone is an amazing, magical little machine — the modern day magic beans that Jack carries in his pocket, waiting to turn into a beanstalk.

Ok, maybe not. BUT A CAR (may have) RAN OVER IT. How crazy is that?!

So crackberrians out there, ready to jump ship?