Why? Advertising says so. A recent article told me that TV producers now are putting more eggs into their Wednesday basket than their Thursday one.

Interesting switch-up from years past, in which TNTV (Thurs Night TV) was the bee’s knees. I remember watching (or taping, on the VCR) the NBC line-up of Friends, Seinfeld, etc. and thinking that truly, TV doesn’t get better than this. Tomorrow is Friday and all my favorite shows are bringing it home.

But alas, those were the glory days and who watches things live anymore (well, a couple people I guess — thank you, #thevoice and its Twittersphere following)

Apparently now, with Idol, Modern Family, and other silver screen gems locked into a Wednesday night time slot, Thursday has lost some of its glory. It still brings in some big names, but vaguely reminds me of Little Edie doing a final tap dance in Grey Gardens — kind of sad and so five minutes ago.

The bigger question is for broader American culture — does this mean Wednesday is also going to overtake Thursday in terms of nights out on the town? Is Wednesday night the new cocktail night? Once people reach “hump day” do they just check out? Will it become Tuesday? Soon, will everyone just be getting sloshed on a Monday night knowing that the weekend really isn’t that far away?