Lord KNOWS I love word play — puns, sarcasm, witticisms. This is why @FakeAPStylebook was one of my original Twitter favorites, and why looking up random words in Urban Dictionary can occupy me for hours on end (and I had a blast chatting with the UD creator at ROFLCon up at MIT last May).

But one of my all-time favorite things is when people read words aloud, incorrectly. Legend has it, in a high school AP Art history class some years ago, a dear friend of mine was asked to read a passage aloud.

She starts:  “ON-SAY upon a time…” (pronounced as the latter half of Be-yonce)

Teacher says: “It’s pronounced once.”

Now, this story told in person is pee-your-pants funny. Trust me. Correct pronunciation = so five minutes ago. The faux-pas are totally worth it for the humorous re-tellings.