Over the past few years, your girl Friday has really come to Florida pretty frequently — and not necessarily Miami (though that was a whirlwind four days several summers back). I’m talking, retirement community USA — laden with condos and early bird specials. And I LOVE IT. Seeing this relaxed pace of life makes me once again wonder why twenty-somethings can’t retire — I mean hell, I’m at a ripe age to enjoy the perks of retirement. I’m not going to be able to windsurf every day when I’m 70.

That said, the decor and culture here is truly priceless — running down the beach, looking at the titles of the hotels and color schemes, I feel as if I’ve not only stepped into the late ’80s/early ’90s, but I’m in an episode of Saved By The Bell — Malibu Sands edition (hiya Stacey Carosi). Pastel colors and neons reign supreme, and come to think of it — the gang from Beverly Hills 90210 would fit right in here, as I type this from a very Peach Pit-like setting.

So bottom line, I’ve 100% embraced this — next step is to pop on some high tops, whip out a mega cell phone, and purchase a crazy patterned shirt (I have to credit Team Sassypants with the brilliant idea to start a line of SBTB patterned shirts) and move on down. Also, ankle bracelets — always in fashion here. Never so five minutes ago, because time is literally stopped.