At the risk of offending massive Anglophiles (or celebrity enthusiasts)…who cares about the royal wedding?! Yes, I understand that royals bringing new royals into the fold to potentially spawn even more royals is so enchanting and charming etc etc but enough already. Kate Middleton found in a jelly bean? Is she the new Jesus? Really.

Granted, as a self-admitted watcher of plenty of crappy reality TV programming, I can’t really complain that my esteemed viewing habits have been diverted by the frenzy of coverage surrounding the soon-to-be wedded prince and princess. But the massive amount of media dispatched to be round-the-clock correspondents does just seem unnecessary. Then again, frenzy around weddings has sometimes escaped me (I’m not an over-the-top wedding gal — wedding planning seems far too stressful to me) so perhaps I’m the one who is so five minutes ago in this case?

Update: I watched the wedding with the rest of humanity, and my cold ice heart did melt a tad. It was adorable and charming, and wonderful and yada yada yada……