9 to 5

Image by ebotunes via Flickr

One conundrum that always bothers me is store hours. Clearly shopkeepers shouldn’t sleep on cots in their stores, ready and available for customers to pop in for a 3AM browse (although side note — in college when pulling all nighters, the 4AM grocery store run was a welcome, zen-like break. The aisles of Harris Teeter take on a whole new glow in the wee morning hours.)

STILL, it makes no sense that stores are open RIGHT during working hours. I mean, reallllllly. That is so five minutes ago. If you’re open 10 to 5 and I work 9 to 7, how does that add up if I need to purchase something from you? Yes there’s lunch hour. But for many folks — lunch “hour” is a folkloric myth. Which leads me to my next point. Who on the earth are all these people trolling stores during the workday? Granted — I realize not everyone works a 5 day a week job, but in major urban centers like NYC, who are these folks out populating stores? Who IS this midday bar crowd? Where do you people come from?

Regardless, if stores in large working cities could have hours just slightly more amiable to work schedules, I’d be one happy camper. Since it is all about me, apparently. And don’t even get me started on two-day weekends. THREE DAYS is the optimal amount, I tell ya.