Okay, not really DONE done. I’m being a little dramatic. But they are definitely at the top of their bell curve. EVERYONE is making one, natch. Really — food from a truck is now just another restaurant medium, What’s next….food from a tree? (go after that low-hanging fruit) Food from a boat? (ok — that’s a cruise) Food from a hot air balloon? (just drop the meal with a parachute — no biggie)

I suppose the next iteration of food trucks might be food truck lots, or pop-up restaurants (which are also getting fairly mainstream, IMHO). But really…REALLY…I think it’s all about vending machines. Automated food dispensation for more than just snack foods — for ALL foods. Yes, you heard it here first. The Japanese have long been on to something with their willingness to pair unconventional items packaged with ATM-like dispensation. And not just vending machines….PINBALL vending machines. Gamification is so hot right now — who says getting your food can’t be a trip in itself?! Just you wait and see…

In the meantime, enjoy your food truck. It’s delicious — I give you that. But it is so five minutes ago. Just sayin’.