Having never been able to hold onto a digital camera without losing it shortly thereafter (true story — several cameras worth in college, actually) I had virtually resigned myself to living a life of stealing friends’ photos and never taking my own. If I couldn’t hang onto a camera without losing it — I should just live a picture-less life.

Enter the iPhone which gave me a camera in my pocket, and combined with my freakishly strong love for haphazard aesthetics, I became a documentarian of all things that piqued my interest. Occasionally, I’d land on a great photo — one of those that would solicit the ever sought-after reaction, “No really…..you took that from your phone??” SUCCESS. Still, most photos definitely didn’t rival legit cams.

Enter the hipstamatic app. Basically this app fits your iPhone photos with a square shape and a retro lens. Makes every goddamn photo look like it should be set to breezy alterna-folk music (you know — a Kindle commercial).  AND IT’S MAGICAL. Check out this bunch of otherwise blah glass jars. Now they are interesting studies on contrast and light. Pretty snazzy, eh? Plain photos are so five minutes ago.