Whenever I buy something new — especially if it was a decently large (and I say “large” in the biggest air quotes ever — anything that’s more than groceries for the week I consider “large”) — I adore the item in its pristine form.

No scuffs, no scratches. Tabula rasa. Beautiful untouched item.

At some point, most people get past the ooh-ing and aah-ing stage, and dive right into using their new purchase. Go ahead — tear that pair of boots out of the box. They were made for walking!

Me, however — I live in fear of potentially tarnishing my purchase. I could get a new purse to replace the crap-tastic bag I’ve been using since the dawn of time, and then keep using the crap-tastic purse so I don’t “mess up” the new one. (Side note: I’ve discovered this is a fairly common affliction — dear friends tell me they put newly purchased items into “the vault” for storage prior to usage.) And yes, after so long I get antsy and switch over to the new stuff….but stillllll.

HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE IN MY LITTLE BRAIN?! What do I want to do with a new purse, pair of boots, etc. Frame it on a shelf?? No. USE IT. Untouched objects are so five minutes ago.