TLC (TV channel)

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So over “winter break” as I still like to call the holidays, down time leaves one with time to peruse some of the more recently added television programming. Especially that programming that launches while other main series are on hiatus.

Let me be clear. This programming – though it may be called “filler” – is the BOMB. It’s usually some of the most RANDOM show ideas a human being could ever ask for. AND I LOVE IT.

Case in Point: TLC’s new series “My Freaky Addiction.” Shows people addicted to weird things, like sleeping with one’s blowdryer, eating household cleaner, eating toilet paper (there seems to be a pattern here…) Well, la di da, I find this FASCINATING. I also am freakishly excited for Animal Planet’s “Confessions of an Animal Hoarder” and – well – I’ve always been addicted to watching A&E’s “Intervention.” (So is Fred Armisen, apparently. Check out his “Intervention” Intervention for some Funny or Die brilliance.) Yes, yes – blame it on the psych major in me – but I adore watching other people’s weird mental issues brutally hashed out on reality TV programming. Not broadcasting your issues to the world is apparently so five minutes ago. It’s therapeutic, really.