Cover of "Hackers"

Cover of Hackers

Perhaps it’s just in my neck of the woods, but in the past couple weeks — we’ve seen an influx of internet spam. Welcome to the World Wide Web, peeps. Several colleagues had their computers infused with viruses after a seemingly innocuous (and personalized) link to click on a friend’s wedding photos. I’ve gotten letters from multiple friends who had their Gmail account hacked. One note asked me to sent money to her father in Cyprus. Another had to do with purchasing an iPhone.

MY POOR FRIENDS! Can you imagine anything more annoying than having the contents of your address book spammed?? Ugh, so five minutes ago. Wait not even five minutes ago. EONS ago. I thought this was almost 2011. We’ve made augmented reality technology and amazing advances in science and medicine — but can’t beat the basic computer virus?? I feel like I’m in Hackers, honestly.

Perhaps the more advanced we get, the more advanced our irritating technology problems get. Well call me Neo, cuz it feels like we’re headed towards the Matrix. At least we’ve got Carrie Ann Moss to kick some major ass. Better buy some combat boots folks — the internet just got TOUGH, y’all.