We are still ok with:

– Thanksgiving, It’s where you get to display your new sweater and undo the top button on your pants because you had too much to eat… now that’s fashion.

Happiness – Why were we only studying fear and hate? Bueller…? Bueller…?

– The Pope and Condom Usage. Yeaaah. Now do you think he would endorse Trojan or Durex?

– Gay Military Personnel Out Of The Closet, In Front Of The Camera

Five Minutes Ago

– Oprah’s Favorite Things episode. – Listen up O, unless you invite us on it, having a 2 part episode is only going to make us jealous and haters. Although Frank Chimero’s tweet made us feel better…

– Arcade Fire and their view on life in the burbs – scary

– TSA being the new MacGropers

Five Weekends Ago

–    The Millionaire Matchmaker, The Real Housewives, The Fashion Show, or how about every reality TV show on Bravo. Fail.

–    Black Swan with Natalie Portman – It’s like Billy Elliott meets The Shining

Just Stop:

– South and North Korea. Not again…