We are still ok with:

Whip Your Hair – You go Willow Smith, you go.

– Keenan Cahill – Just don’t stop little man.

– TRON – So the movie of the year.

Oprah – Haaaaay. I still pray I can get on her favorite things show. Well now you can go into the next life with her…check out the link

-Depeche Mode. Don’t analyze it.

Five Minutes Ago

– GLEE – Another episode. yawn. We’ll keep watching though, thank God for Chord Overstreet

– Voting. – Basically with Republicans taking back power, nothing will get done. FAIL.

– Daniel Radcliffe – He’s 21. If I was 21 and still at an imaginary boarding school I would cry.

Five Weekends Ago

– Fall – But it does come back every other day. Yeah Global Warming.

– Lindsay Lohan’s Drama

Just Stop:

– Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Renewing Vows