That’s right ladies and gents. Offering lots of variety in your store is so five minutes ago, and you heard it here — first. SURE stores that sell everything might be super functional (see my Retail Embrace musings) but for chic offerings, like clothing or gourmet food, single focus shops are the way to go.

Shops like Peanut Butter and Co. = BRILLZ for selling just peanut butter. Rice to Riches makes a killing in Nolita on (wait, jigga what???) — JUST RICE PUDDING! These are smart little restrauntrepreneurs folks. In olden days, you went to a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker. Multiple stops required ’cause you best not be getting your meat, bread, and beeswax all at the same shop. What good quality shop owner possesses the focus to effectively sell all three product lines?

Sure you see places that sell sushi, gyros, bagels, and pizza. But EW. Usually none of them are very good or authentic. Scary.

Which brings me to my revelation. If I had a shop, I would sell sugar free GUM. That’s right. Just. Sugar. Free. Gum. Nothing more, nothing less. Gum lovers would know I was the mecca – better yet – the final destination on the holy pilgrimage of aspartame or sucralose or whatever the hell sweetens the chew. So don’t go stealing my idea now, Orbit. I haven’t had time to patent it, being super busy and important and all.