So I love TV. This is no secret. It’s perfect for me. Though I adore movies, there’s just something about the 1/2 hour – hour time slot that’s perfect for an ADD-addled multitasker such as myself. I look forward to getting some QT with my DVR whenever I can squeeze a session in. And yes, before DVR I taped shows on VHS tapes. Like I said, I love TV.

However, these days I’m on content overload. Crunched for time and always digitally connected, it’s hard enough to stay in the moment when there’s so much information for a pop culture junkie like me to absorb!! So come time for a new season of fall TV STRESS ENSUES. How to choose which shows to watch? How to keep track of what premieres when? How to find time to watch it all?

In assessing all of this, I realized that there’s plenty of shows I watch for absolutely no reason. I’m not even interested in Grey’s Anatomy anymore, so am I DVR-ing it out of civic duty? I don’t know — you tell me.

And what’s with every show being two hours long? If I wanted to go to the movies, I’d go. Thanks.

Bottom Line, when TV gets stressy, re-assess. It’s for enjoyment. It’s not a job (ehhh, but I consider myself somewhat of a cultural anthropologist). Or so I tell myself. Stressin’ about the fun stuff is so five minutes ago.