To help you put the weak in weekend, I’ll share with you an ever-so-stimulating visual. You know what’s so five minutes ago? Formal family reunions. You know what’s even MORE five minutes ago? Having half-assed family reunions. Which brings me to this gem, taken by yours truly on one of my trips to Nowhereland, USA.

In case you can’t see the dazzling imagery, the shirt says “BEWARE of the BeVards.” I saw about 30 of these shirts that day. Personally, I think they could have gone with “BeVare of the BeVards” but hey — not my family. Point is, if you’re going to have a family reunion — why on the earth have one if you’re not going to go all out for it, and throw caution to the wind. Hell, your cool factor is already in the toilet and there’s no way to be subtle or demure about the affair. Just go full throttle and make family-branded t-shirts. BeLike the BeVards — trendsetters that they are.