From a detective in Shutdown Island to a matrix-James Bond character in Inception, Leo knows how to act. I Natasha Beddingfielded everywhere after I saw the movie…

I rate movies on a great deal, but one factor I take into great consideration is the audience’s reaction in the theatre. For example:

1)    During the coming attractions, there was a preview for the movie Piranha – let’s just say everyone burst out laughing at the preview right as the Piranhas attacked (not a good thing). As soon as this happens the movie loses all credibility and any chance at making money. PIRANHA = FAIL… The fact that I even mentioned this movie bothers me, but Christopher Lloyd is in it, and hopefully his Delorean still works so he can get the heck out of here once this movie debuts.  


2)   Inception – Everyone not only cheered and hollered at the end when the Director, Chris Nolan, leaves you hanging about the fate of Cobb, Leo, but the audience also stayed seated with the credits rolling! You know a movie killed it when people are not only talking about the movie when leaving the theatre but also having in depth conversation about the plot in the restroom. Instant Oscar in my book.


That’s all. Go see Inception before it’s so five minutes ago.