So Gawker reports that Steve Jobs was spotted on vacay with his family in Hawaii……WHAT?! This man takes vacations?? I thought he lives to make new drool-worthy technology for Apple-ites, and occasionally send minimalistic responses to random plebeian e-mails which get circulated around the techie blogs for days. But, RELAX? Steve Jobs. How dare he.

Ok fiiiiiine, despite Apple’s big hullabahoo over the iPhone 4.0 glitch and Consumer Reports rating, I suppose even Mr. Apple himself deserves a little ‘ol break every now and then. After all, having no work/life balance was so five minutes ago.

But more importantly, does Mr. Jobs come out from under his Levi/black mock turtleneck sari when he hits the tropics? Does he actually bare his LIMBS? And do they glow, with the light of his inherent technology genius? Oh, the possibilities. I hope someone captures his pacific retreat on camera. Hop to it, paparazzi!