I believe that Jesus drinks coffee, I mean it is amazing. It is something I think of on the way to work, as soon as I open the door to my office, and right away when Outlook shows 130 new messages….

My obsession started when I worked as a Barista in college at Starbucks. I remember opening the store at 5am with my co-worker Kenyatta, and just feeling a sense of inadequacy after observing the energy and enthusiasm that K gurl brought to the store at such an ungodly hour. After a couple of tired openings, Kenyatta shared her secret with me of her vigor. Her recipe for success and eager clown eyed awake-ness consisted of a doubled amount of Starbucks Sumatra blend brewed with not too much water in a venti cup filled with caramel. This gave the cup more “punch.” Literally. And from then on I have been hooked on the jet fuel that corporation produces.

Side Note: Kenyatta went on to be manager of the store, but after gradually experimenting with extra strength espresso and the white mocha sauce; she lost her beans, went mental, and ran away one day. I hope she is doing well wherever she might be.

So back to my email, but I hope there are a couple of you out there that appreciate fair traded caffeine as much as I do now. Hatin’ on coffee was so five minutes ago.